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Monday, February 08, 2016

First period

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First period
King of the Monsters!
1956: American Version
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The first period consists of 14 movies, from the original in 1954 until the 1975 release of Revenge of MechaGodzilla. Produced by Tomoyuki Tanaka. Under the direction of Ishiro Honda, Jun Fukuda, Koji Hashimoto, Kazuki Omori, and Shogo Tomiyama. Special effects by Eiji Tsuburaya, Koichi Kawakita, and Reijiro Koroku. Music soudtracks by the world renown Akira Ifukube, Masaru Sato.

1954-1955 During this period Godzilla appears. These movies are written in the light of showing the horror of Nuclear radiation/warfare and have a very sober effect.

1962-1964 This period ignores the 1954-1955 time period, consisting of movies where Godzilla is seen as a evil menace (winner or loser) fighting other monsters.

1964-1975 This period disregards all previous periods. Commonly know as the Godzilla vs. Monster X period, this time span consists entirely of formula movies. In the better part of these movies, Godzilla, with or without the help of one of his friends, beats the tar out of a monster invading earth (frequently controlled by space aliens). These movies are the true classics (aside from the first), a bit cheesy, but fun to watch once you accept the lack or realism.

History of Godzilla

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