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Saturday, December 20, 2014

Godzilla Foes

There are many monsters in the world of Godzilla. As Toho released new films, Godzilla evolved from a monster of destruction to a monster of protection. In the course of events, there were many battles fought, and among the many monsters Godzilla encounters, there were both friend and foes. 

  • Godzilla defeated Angilas, the Giant Condolo, Ebira, Kamekilas, Kumonga, King Ghidorah, Gabara, Hedora, Gigan, MechaGodzilla 1 & 2, Megalon, Titanosaurus, Rodan, Destroyer, and the Super MechaGodzilla (93). 
  • Godzilla was forced to withdraw by King Kong, Rodan, Mothra, and Biolante.
  • Godzilla was only defeated by Mothra and Batora

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1 Megagilas 12299
2 MechaGhidorah 11316
3 Kumonga 12196
4 King Ghidorah 14434
5 Hedorah 12097
6 Gimantis 6603
7 Gigan 11068
8 Gabara 6413
9 Gaborah 6937
10 Ebirah 6621

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