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Tuesday, February 09, 2016


Aka: Meganuron, Meganulon


Attempting to remove Godzilla with a Black Hole Gun called "The Dimension Tide," the Anti-Godzilla Battle Forces cause a warp in the space-time continuum allowing for an invasion by huge insect monsters. From the egg to the 2 meter larvae (Meganuron), the creatures natural instinct is to create a hive, and they choose Shibuya to create their nest (the Meganurons first appeared in the 1956 production of RODAN).

The Meganurons soon grow into winged 5 meter long "Meganuras," and begin to drain energy from a number of sources—all to feed their queen. By amassing a great storage of energy, they are able to birth the colossal 50 met. Guess who is their next energetic meal ?

Movie appearances

  • Godzilla vs Megagilas  (2001)


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